Imbued Axe
Imbued Axe
Totemic Evidence Shadehound Imbued Axe Totemic Evidence Stoneclaw Totem Strength Totem Searing Totem All Fel Breaks Loose Healing Totem All Fel Breaks Loose Shadehound
Name Imbued Axe
Card Set Murder at Castle Nathria
Id 77311
Mana Cost 3
Attack 2
Durability 3
Classes Warrior
Durability 3
Minion Type
Spell School
Flavor Text Technically It's A Yet To Be Imbued Axe
Text After Your Hero Attacks, Give Your Damaged Minions +1/+2 <b> Infuse ( ):</b> +2/+2 Instead
Keywords Infuse
Collectible True
Duels Constructed True
Duels Relevant True