HDT Plugin

Not just for Streamer Decks. Contribute to Decks, enjoy and share your Decks and Replays (all also available for Firestone users)
Latest Version Right Click -> Save Link
Text Instructions
  • Right click and save the latest version above
  • Open the plugins window in HDT (Options -> Plugins) and drag and drop the file you saved onto the window.
  • Enable the plugin and Restart HDT
  • For Streamers: Login then Connect your twitch account with this site

  • Video Guide

    Known Issues
  • Streaming now functionality doesn't work (but don't worry streamer decks does)

  • Troubleshooting
  • You can check that it is installed by going to Options -> Plugins and also verify that it is enabled and which version it is
  • If it's not installing then perhaps HDT is installed in a non default location? Also check HDT instructions for installing plugins
  • For feedback or additional help see the #hdt-extension channel in my Discord Include the hdt log file located here %appdata%\HearthstoneDeckTracker\Logs\hdt_logs.txt - this file is recreated if you restart hdt, there will be others in the folder so if it's in an old file