WIP features:
These features need some finishing touches but are available for the adventurous
Rewind the leaderboard - you need to have both the leaderboardId and region in the url, and keep the date format as is (it's UTC). It finds the latest that I have up to that date, if it's too far back then it will just return the previous season finish
Player Profile - You can change the url (keep %23 in place of #) or find a link to this on the qualifiers stats page or tournament profile page (qualifiers -> standings -> click on player -> click on player name)
Highlight players on the leaderboard - you need to change the url
Qualifiers Signed Up example - change the battlefy slug in the url
Streaming Now - filter streams by mode

Dropped features:
These will be removed unless somebody has a good idea for them
Discord Broadcasts - Broadcast images to multiple channels accross servers
HSReplay live replay feed - example usage
HSReplay matchups - example usage